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Volkswagen classics: the world selection

Have you ever heard of the SP 2? Are you familiar with the Rabbit? The Gol? Or the Citi? Perhaps even the Vochos don't mean much to you? We'll fill you in: behind each of these names is a Volkswagen. This special will introduce you to them – the classic Volkswagens from around the world. From Sao Paulo to Shanghai. From Pennsylvania to Port Elisabeth. Built on the basis of well-known models like the Beetle and Golf, modified to meet the individual needs of various nations. Join us on a trip around the world and see some Volkswagen classics on all five continents.

Volkswagen SP 2

Form follows fun

The history of the Brazilian sports coupé


Volkswagen Citi Golf

Hot in the Citi

Urban bestseller from South Africa


Out and about with originals

Body and soul

Joy Denalane drives the Karmann Ghia TC 145


EA 97/Volkswagen 1600

The expatriate

Conceived in Germany, at home in Brazil


Volkswagen classics united

From Norway to New Zealand

Fans from around the world present their classics



‘World design has to be iconic!’

Questions for Andreas Mindt, Volkswagen designer


Volkswagen Rabbit

A leap across the big pond

An American success story


On tour

Around Britain in a Camper

Winter air-cooled: the editorial team on the island



‘Taxista! Taxista!’

The Mexican Vocho taxis are national icons


Family album

Isn’t there an F missing?

Samba in Saxony: the Volkswagen Gol


Volkswagen Santana

Trendsetter for motoring

A car that really moves people in China